Connecting people through our hybrid, flexible work model

With a humanized approach to people management that cares for our people, we recently launched the firm’s new hybrid work model – Conecta – to provide more balance in our professionals’ day-to-day lives. We have also put many initiatives in place to benefit our professionals, including policies for taking days off, shorter work hours during certain periods of the year, as well as parental and religious freedom policies, among others.

Legal area

As a high-performance legal firm and a strategic partner with innovative solutions to complex challenges, we unite the best lawyers from different legal practices to provide multidisciplinary, agile and efficient services. We are the top-ranked law firm in Chambers & Partners Brazilian categories – the most important legal ranking agency based in the UK – and have also been recognized twice as the best legal firm in Latin America.

Administrative areas

Our firm has four independent administrative departments – Communication & Marketing, Human Development, Financial & Operations, and Technology & Knowledge – that work to support our business strategy. They also work together with our legal area to strengthen our standing in the legal market and society.

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