We operate via a collaborative and innovative work model that provides personalized service to educational institutions, associations, foundations and investors who wish to understand the specific characteristics of this highly regulated market, whether regarding face-to-face or distance education (EAD) at the basic, higher or technological level.

As well as advising on corporate decision-making, we provide advice on regulatory bodies’ administrative proceedings, especially the Ministry of Education (MEC), and on inquiries and lawsuits in the spheres of civil, tax, labor, criminal and administrative law.

We are the only full-service firm in Brazil with highly specialized professionals in the education sector

Our main services

We assist with the authorization and recognition of  face-to-face and EAD courses at basic, higher and technological education institutions.

We assess corporate and operational decisions, including corporate reorganizations, changing academic models, incorporating distance-learning courses into in-person ones, discontinuing courses or closing down campuses.

We advise on signing agreements, cooperation terms and administrative agreements related to these topics.

We provide specialized consultation in administrative proceedings with regulatory bodies.

We advise on possible regulatory breaches or the implementation of innovative business models, as well as discussions of the impacts of corporate decisions on students, especially in class actions.

We advise on creating both for-profit and non-profit institutions and assist with M&A transactions.

We assist with the acquisition of learning materials, provision of educational services, teaching systems and other related subjects, as well as their outcomes in the State and Federal Courts of Accounts.

We draft legal bills for regulations issued by competent authorities.

We assist in analyzing requirements and following up proceedings for revalidating academic diplomas and obtaining recognition for postgraduate diplomas issued by foreign educational institutions.

We assist with regularizing medical and multi-professional health-related residency programs with the MEC.

We provide advisory and litigation assistance regarding public notices for medical school openings within Brazil’s ‘Mais Médicos’ program.

We assist with audits carried out by the Brazilian Fund for Educational Development (FNDE) and the MEC, as well as in administrative and judicial proceedings involving public programs for financing students enrolled in private institutions, including Universidade para Todos (Prouni) and the Brazilian Student Financing Fund (FIES).

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